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How to integrate sports in your daily routine in only 8 Weeks.


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As an online fitness professional and trainer in my hometown, my mission is to inspire individuals to achieve a high level of vitality in everyday life from inside out.


I’ve coached, taught and held group seminars for heart loving People in every stage in live.

And I’m honored to continue to work with people who are looking to make a positive change for themselfs and in causality for the world.

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My inimitability 8 Week Coaching takes people from „I don’t know how“ to „I do“, changing their bodies, mindset, vitality and positive energy in personal live, with friends and family.


As an authentic health and well-being lover, I stay agile wearing the multiple hats of Muay Thai, bodyweight workout, weight workout, Calisthenics and Yoga. I’ve enjoyed personal training at the customers home, group training, teaching South Indian cooking skills, organize and lead through yoga & fitness retreats to achieve the personal level of high vitality lifestyle. 

Training with Nadja is a treat - motivating, enthusiastic and very understanding she helps you explore your limits and goes above and beyond to put together a program which works best for you.

– Andrea F. Canada

Yes, it is very strenuous, but the short and intensive training is tailored to you. Nadja is a very kind-hearted and also strict person. With her support, I have many athletic success experiences that make me feel better in everyday life.

– Simona R. Switzerland

Nadja is a competent, motivating and well-positioned trainer. It specifically addresses personal training needs and encourages top performance. Whether it's Thai boxing on the bag, strength training or yoga, there is something for everyone. During the training, attention is paid to a clean execution / technique, whereby the fun is never lost. In the short training units, you are challenged in a pleasant way and encouraged to overcome your inner weaker self, which means that you are constantly developing. The different types of training (personal training, online videos) complete the range of the training. With the help of Nadja and her training, I was able to increase my fitness and well-being and go home with a smile (and a red head ;-)) after each training.

– Anja W. Switzerland

Nadja responds extremely well to individual needs and is very empathetic and demanding at the same time. The training is a lot of fun and shows extreme effects after just a few weeks. I already feel much healthier, fitter and more powerful than before and I don't want to miss the training anymore. Back pain and other complaints are a thing of the past. A specialty is the training on the punching bag: there is nothing better to build up stamina and strength while releasing stress!

– Audrey J. Switzerland

The 8 Week Coaching concept is very effective and you can feel success after a short time. Nadja is a very professional, empathetic trainer and she creates an environment in which you feel comfortable and challenged at the same time. Keep it up!

– Sarah B. Australia

Absolutely fantastic to train. Nadja is a great motivator and the sessions are pumping and fun. The thai boxing routine is varied and never boring. Even after just a few weeks I feel stronger, look leaner and walk taller with more confidence. Having tried a number of other fitness sessions and venues I can say without a doubt this training is one of the friendliest and provides the most effective workout I've ever been to. Would totally recommend.

– Vero R. England


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20+ years of my own fitness operating experience inspires my dedication for helping others reach their ultimate vitality